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Breakfast/ Lunch

7am – 3pm


    Huevos ranchero 8.95

    2 eggs smothered with our homemade pork green chilli, & served w. hash brown, refried beans, & 2 tortillas

    Ranchero pork chops 9.95

    2 center cut boneless pork chops marinated in our peppery red chili spice, grilled & served w. hash brown refried beans, 2 eggs & tortillas

    Burrito omelet 8.95

    2 eggs w. ham, onion & green bell peppers wrapped in a flour tortilla & smothered w. melted cheese & pork green chili, served w. hash brown

    Ranchero tostada 8.95

    2 crispy corn tortilla topped w. scrambled eggs, refried beans, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato & green chili

    Combination plate 9.95

    Smothered bean burrito, beef taco & bean tostada

    Menudo or posole Sm 6.95 | Lg 8.95

    The Mexicano 9.95

    Burger patty wrapped in flour tortilla, topped w/ melted cheddar jack cheese & smothered w/ pork green chili

    Chili relleno plate 9.95

    2 chili rellenos smothered w/ pork green chili & served w. rice, beans, guacamole & 2 flour tortillas

    The original toro pot 8.95

    Spicy ground beef & fried potatoes topped w/ cheddar cheese & red or pork green chili

    Chicken or steak burrito 9.95

    El grande burrito with strips of steak, beans & rice, smothered in pork green chili w cheese, lettuce & tomato

    The westsider 9.95

    Fresh burger patty topped with cheddar cheese & smothered in pork green chili on top a mound of fries.

    Double the meat for additional 1.50

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